Self Care + Skin Care = Happy You

Self Care + Skin Care = Happy You - Terasana

When it comes to self-care, we know – the options are endless. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

So allow us to give you a good starting point: one of the best ways to practice self-care is to focus on your skincare. Yes, skincare can feel daunting and intimidating, too, but it’s actually simple if you understand how to cater to your skin’s needs. 

The simple routine of nourishing your face each day leaves you full of satisfaction and peace while also promoting beautiful, glowing skin. After all, your face is the most exposed part of your body. Healthy skin gives you the confidence to face life head-on.

Because a daily skincare routine nourishes your skin and grounds your body and soul, skin-care self-care is hands down one of the best forms of self-care you can practice regularly.

Whether it’s nailing down a routine, cleaning up your current skincare routine, or treating yourself to that one product you’ve been dying to try, here’s why (and how) to practice skincare and self-care daily to unlock more joy.

Daily Self-Care

Let’s get something straight. Many people think that self-care isn’t necessary until you’re burnt out and overwhelmed by life, needing a reset. In reality, the opposite is true! You need to prioritize self-care so you DON’T burn out! 

Self-care creates space for you to be present in your body, connect with yourself, and nurture yourself in meaningful ways as a preventative method for burnout.

Daily self-care keeps the scaries away (especially on Sundays) because it helps you feel a constant sense of contentment, care, and blissful presence in your life. Basically, daily self-care helps you keep up with your basic needs to allow you to put your incredible energy and focus into larger goals and dreams!

Building consistent routines into your day is even proven to improve your mental health! Plus, self-care doesn’t have to be an expensive or long, time-consuming process. And it definitely shouldn’t feel like a chore or an inconvenience!

Ways to Practice Self Care Daily

Alright, alright…so now you know the importance of daily self-care is critical for you to thrive, find your happiness and set yourself up for success. But how do you go about doing it? 

Sometimes it’s as simple as creating a daily self-care checklist to refer back to when you’re feeling lost, anxious, or overwhelmed. 

Better yet, refer to your daily self-care checklist BEFORE you’ve even had the opportunity to feel stressed. There is a multitude of simple, effective ways to start practicing self-care on a daily basis, including:

  • Eat healthy foods that nourish your body from the inside out and calm inflammation
  • Drink water to keep your body functioning at its prime (plus, your skin will stay plump!)
  • Get enough sleep to make sure you’re giving your body time to recharge
  • Breathe deeply several times throughout the day to reset and ground yourself
  • Exercise can keep the lbs away, build confidence, and supports your mental health
  • Daily skincare routines keep your skin healthy, happy, and free from inflammation

Seems too simple to be so effective, right? But it’s not! 

When you feel overwhelmed with where to start, return to the basics of self-care and make a point to find a consistent rhythm or self-care ritual that fits into your personal routines.

These seemingly little self-care actions also play a key role in helping you create a holistic skincare routine. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Always remember that you must listen and pay attention to the big and small signals in order to function on the highest, most true to you level. And daily self-care – even if it’s just keeping up with your most basic needs – is one of the best ways to check-in, listen and adjust as needed in order to focus on your bigger goals and dreams.

Daily Skin Care (our favorite!)

Speaking of skincare routines, practicing daily skincare allows you to start (or end) your day with the gift of being present and bringing calmness to your mind and body.

Indulge in the sensations, as you cleanse, prepare, and nourish the skin after a long day. Notice the skin’s texture, the sensation of touch, and how you’re feeling as you start (or end) your day.

Because when you’re present in your body, you open the space to be kind to yourself mentally. 

And when you’re kind to yourself in all aspects, everything in life looks a whole lot better. 

Ways to Practice Skincare as Self-Care Daily

The best daily skincare routine is one that addresses your body from a holistic standpoint: Nourish that skin in every way, baby!

Create a daily skincare routine that supports the basic pillars in skincare, focuses on clean ingredients, and gives you consistent routines to ground your day. 

Want in on a little-known secret to nailing down a routine?

You need to find a daily skin-care routine that feels inviting, or you’ll never stick to it. Make it fun, make it light. Make it whatever you need to rest and nourish yourself. 

While you don’t need to use an involved 3 step charcoal mask every single day, there are plenty of ways to deliver results to that beautiful face! Here are some of our favorite methods.

Keep Your Face Clean

Keeping your face clean is SO important. Sure, there are probably only a few times in life when you’ll look into the mirror and see visible grime and dirt on your skin. 

But that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Keeping your face clean is crucial to achieving that healthy glow you dream of. Plus – acne has far less chance of sticking around if you’re making a dedicated effort each morning and night to cleanse away the grime!

Struggle with cleansers stripping your face too much? 

Opt for a gentle, oil-based cleanser or a clean skincare formula that works WITH the oils your skin produces, instead of against them. Oil cleanses oil.  

And of course, keeping your face clean extends beyond just washing it each day. Be mindful of how often you touch your face and what things come in contact with your skin on a regular basis (aka that bacteria-coated phone...yikes!). 

Our suggestion? When at all possible, just avoid touching your face unless your hands are freshly washed and clean.  

Use Clean Skincare Products That Are Safe and Non-irritating 

If you haven’t heard it before, hear us now – ingredients matter! Like, a lot, a lot. Take the time to educate yourself on what you’re putting on and in your body. 

Your body and skin act like a sponge, absorbing a lot of toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis. So what are you doing to protect your skin?

Being conscious of ingredients can save you a lot of heartaches and struggle down the road. 

Setting strict standards for yourself means when you run into irritation or breakouts, you can rule out one thing. You’ll know your skincare isn’t the culprit. Having this peace of mind is invaluable when you’re searching for answers and wondering if (and where) you went wrong! 

Nail Down a Routine You Love

Time to make your daily self-care routine official! To create your routine, you’ll need to do some research and brainstorming. It’s not rocket science, but yes it might take you a little trial and error to figure out what feels right for you. 

Start with the basics, seeing how they impact you. You don’t have to create a complex routine. Start with the things that intrigue you or fit easily into your current routines. 

And if you don’t have a current routine and need a good jumping-off point, try this quick routine:  

  • Step 1: Cleanser
  • Step 2: Face Serum
  • Step 3: Moisturizer
  • Step 4: SPF (sometimes included in moisturizer!)

Easy enough, right!?

Oh and, a word to the beautiful & wise: incorporating a face serum in your routine will give you the best and brightest results for that healthy skin glow all day long!

Try to be present in your body as you build your routine to see the benefits of creating healthy practices into your daily rhythms. How do you feel? Which things feel more rewarding and bring you more joy? It might feel life-changing at first, it might not. But stick with it, it only gets better with time! 

Consistency is Key!

Like most things in life, staying consistent with your skincare and self-care routine will deliver results the quickest. If you give up after a day or two, of course, you won’t see the results you want to! 

Think of your routine like a beautiful house plant. If you only start taking care of it when you notice it’s wilting or dried out, it’s harder to fix, takes more effort, and can be a painfully long process.

Like your plant, if you keep watering it regularly, creating a routine with the intention to be proactive and PREVENT sickness, it will flourish! 

Whether you use a daily self-care checklist, or you find a rhythm easily, the important thing is making it a priority. 

Grow on and glow up, friend!

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