The Details

Clear + Control’s all-new patented formula offers two key ingredients for clear skin that work together beautifully for game-changing results. We combine squalane, a powerhouse moisturizer and highly-effective carrier oil, with CBG, a simply amazing anti-inflammatory. Squalane carries the CBG into your skin (moisturizing as it goes), delivering the CBG exactly where it’s needed. The result? Visibly clear skin in as little as four weeks. Guaranteed.

Use morning and evening by applying liberally to cleansed skin.

This is a really easy product to work with. After cleansing your face, add 3-5 drops into your hands and massage into your skin. The Clear + Control serum needs time to soak in, so give it 15-30 minutes before you do anything else with your face (this doesn’t mean adding in 30 minutes to your morning routine — try switching things up like using this time to grab breakfast?).

Follow the same routine in the evening, minus the breakfast, but keeping that soak in time, otherwise your pillow will absorb all the Clear + Control goodness. Feel free to try some face massage techniques or a jade roller to give this part of your day some self-care feels.

Clear + Control works for all skin types.


Squalane is the best natural and sustainable plant-based emollient around. It moisturizes, it’s certified microbiome-friendly, and because it’s a carrier oil, it shuttles CBG deep into your skin to get it working at the source of inflammation. And our squalane is fermented from sustainably harvested Brazilian sugarcane so you can rest assured it’s eco-friendly.


CBG is a truly remarkable plant-based anti-inflammatory. Diving deep towards problem areas, it goes to work immediately, creating visibly clear skin in just a few weeks. Plus, like our squalane, Terasana CBG is fermented from all-natural, entirely renewable sugarcane.

Full Ingredients

  • Squalane
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • Cannabigerol


Here are some stats from our clinical trials*: The majority of participants saw a 40-50% reduction in total number of lesions after 7 days and 60-70% after 2 weeks, but everyone’s skin is different.

The BEST way to make sure you get results is to stick with the routine. Keep things clean (fingers, face, makeup brushes) and look after your whole mind and body. Stress shows in your face!

You should start to see improvements in just a few days. Everyone’s skin is different, so keep up with your Clear + Control routine. Don’t forget it takes 28 days for your skin cycle to refresh.

When the Terasana App become available. Tracking your skin progress in the Terasana Clear + Control app helps you see your progress and our app offers plenty of extra tips and content to help you on your journey to great skin.

Clinical Trials*
Let's just say we nailed it.







Healthy skin. Healthy planet.

Like all Terasana products, Clear + Control is thoughtfully and ethically sourced. Our active ingredients are fermented from sustainably harvested sugarcane. Our glass bottles reduce plastic use. And our boxes are both recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer waste.